upcoming !!!!!!! (July5th-19th) *Solo Exhibition*

Life is Supported in Mysterious Ways was my new solo show.
****July 5th -July 19th****
it was an installation of drawings , ceramic pieces and a short video.I am in the process of getting professional images of the exhibition on to a new website,please keep in touch via janeosullivanart/facebook.
The gallery showing my work was Talbot studios and Gallery Talbot Street Dublin.
Thank you always for your interest in my work.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

limerick international publishers salon (I will be there in the form of my books !!!)

thursday 21st-23rd February 2013
venue Ormston House

delighted to have been invited to exhibit at this inaugural salon.I have to say making books is a definate sign of madness !!, it is NOT NORMAL......it takes forever to make them , it is difficult to charge very much for them etc etc .....BUT I love doing it , and it offers me a way to  nest my work within an affordable and accessible context.
If you happen to be reading this and can go to Limerick , please say hello to my dear little books , and enjoy looking at all the other artists work.
Thank you to the curators of this show for the invitation.


Erin said...

Ohh wonderful Jane! Any images of your book in flickr?
Have a lovely Monday x

Jane O Sullivan said...

I will post them soon , thanks erin , you too have a good day :)

Ritva said...

yes you are so right!
it´s pure madness!
but such a sweet way of being crazy.
like in love, don´t you think?

oh, i wish i could be there!
congratulations dear jane!